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Accessories (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, Pet Food, and Biomass Industry)

IDAH supply the machine for food and feed plant project, besides themain machines, IDAH also provides accessory machinery which is important to ensure smooth transportation of the material. These accessories machines are designed for easy maintenance and low energy consumption. Optional stainless steel material is available for sanitation requirements.

Auxiliary machines are used to connect one machine to adjust material flow direction, clean, gradual feeding, and control airflow in food, pet food, aqua feed, animal feed, and biofuel industry.

FD-Series Distributing Pipe


Features and Benefits

  1. Conical design with inspection door for easy maintenance
  2. Limit switch guided for accurate directing of a discharge tube
  3. Sanitary design: Equipped with a scraper to avoid material residue
FD-Series distributing pipe

FD-Series two way valve

FD-Series Two Way Valve


Features and Benefits

  1. Enclosed design for leak-proof during operation.
  2. Flange for easy connection with pipings
  3. Durable material for long use life
  4. Optional Automation or manual pneumatic control

FS-Series Slide Gate


Features and Benefits

  1. Widely applicable for grain, feed, and food processing, used in control discharged
  2. Optional automatic or manual control for the pneumatic gate
  3. Customizable opening size available
  4. Simple design for easy maintenance, safety, and reliable performance
FS-Series pneumatic slide gate

Butterfly valve

Butterfly Valve


Features and Benefits

  1. For a process with a high standard sealing requirement
  2. The valve adopts a rotating butterfly valve structure
  3. Pneumatic cylinder for easy operation

FR-Series Rotary Valve


Features and Benefits

  1. Use as feeder or discharge various material
  2. Reliable for safe operation
  3. Low energy consumption
  4. 6-8 blade rotor design to meet different process needs
  5. Outboard bearings prevent product contamination
  6. Customization inlet and outlet size available
FR-series rotary valve

MC-Series tube magnet

MC-Series Magnetic Separator


Features and Benefits

  1. High quality permanent magnet for magnetic metal removal
  2. Protect process machine from damage

VR-Series Rotary Discharger


Features and Benefits

  1. Gradually, discharging product from bins and silos, especially for difficult flowing product
  2. Control volumetric by rotor speed
VR-series rotary discharger

FSM-Series stirring feeder

FSM-Series Stirring Feeder


Features and Benefits

  1. Variable speed drives with inverter to control feeding speed accurately
  2. Different size, lengths and materials available
  3. Stirring bar can help to break the material clumps to help stable feeding

EH-Series Hand Intake


Features and Benefits

  1. For manual addition of precious ingredients
  2. Loading grate for impurities removal
  3. Pneumatic door control by automation system for safe operation
  4. Equipped with bag filter to saving precious ingredients and dust-free environment
EH-series hand intake

Model FD-20-XX FD-25-XX FD-30-XX
Pipe diameter (mm) Ø 200 Ø 250 Ø 300


XX is the amount of outlet, varies from 4 to 12

Model FD-20 A/H1 FD-25 A/H1 FD-30 A/H1
Outlet dimension (mm) 200x200 250x250 300x300


1A: equipped with pneumatic piston, H: manual operated

Square opening type

Model1 FS-20 FS-25 FS-30 FS-40
Outlet dimension (mm) 200x200 250x250 300x300 400x400


1Available in mild steel and stainless steel material.

Rectangle opening type

Model FS-2070 FS-3040 FS-3545 FS-27100 FS-33100
Outlet dimension (mm) 200x700 300x400 350x450 270x1000 330x1000

Double rectangle opening type

Model FS-5020D FS-6040D
Outlet dimension (mm) 500x2001 600x4001


1Dimension for each outlet.

Model1 FR-15 FR-20 FR-25 FR-30 FR-2550
Opening dimension (mm) 150x150 200x200 250x250 300x300 250x500


1Available in mild steel and stainless steel material.

Model MC-24P MC-30P MC-20 MC-25 MC-30
Type V-shape V-shape Tube shape Tube shape Tube shape
Model FSM-16T FSM-20T FSM-25T
Screw diameter (mm) Ø 160 Ø 200 Ø 250

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