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Automatic control - Control and Automation (for Food, Aqua feed, Animal feed, and Pet Food Industry)

IDAH offers the factory process control and traceability system for food, feed, and biofuel production management. Graphic control (SCADA system) with an optional HMI touch panel is available for advanced, accurate, and fast dosing with a high degree of repeatability. Documentation of the production log and error report is provided through extensive long-term data-logging, stored in reliable industrial SQL databases.

Customized control and automation system provide high-efficiency production in animal feed, pet food, aqua feed (floating and sinking)

Features and Benefits

  1. Control System and power Design

    CCO/MCC layout or Custom Design

  2. System Architecture

    Selection and supply of PLC&PC hardware
    PLC&PC software architecture
    PLC&PC programming


    CCP- Center Control Panel
    MCC- Motor Control Center

  4. IDAH HMI+SCADA System

    Manual process/Semi-auto process/Fully auto process

  5. Management System:

    Accurate process flow and repeatability
    Flexible Recipe management
    Hand additives approval via barcodes
    Error and alarm logging
    Report management
    Maintenance management
    Data logging for record Management


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