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High Quality Extrusion Parts - Screw, Liner, and Plate Die (For Food, Aqua Feed, and Pet Food)

Over 30 years of extruder manufacturing experience in aqua feed, pet food industries. IDAH provides long lifetime spare parts with high capacity and profit. There are various size and material selection allow us to offer customized solutions and all brands spare parts supply.

Extrusion Screw


Features and Benefits

  1. Long wear life
  2. High-quality material to reduce the frequency of parts replacement and maintenance costs
  3. Low downtime, ensuring continuous production
  4. Maximized capacity and profit
  5. High product quality with uniform particles
  6. Durable for high impact, pressure, and temperature
  7. >70,000(psi) = 483 Mpa metallurgical bond
  8. Consistent cladding and thickness
Extruder screw for food and feed extrusion

Barrel for food and feed extrusion

Liner Sleeve 

Extruder liner sleeve is put for long process life. The best quality material is used to ensure the liner with the best reliability. Heat treated and stainless steel increase wear performance 

Features and Benefits

  1. Made from high-quality steel material
  2. Made with high precision
  3. Surface hardened material for maximum durability and long use life

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