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Uniform drying - Horizontal Dryer (For Food, Aqua Feed, and Pet Food)

High-quality food, pet food, and fish feed production require careful and gentle drying. To tackle the different requirements of your product, IDAH offers you two series of dryers, CD-series, and CDX-series for your industry.

IDAH Horizontal dryer is suitable for drying any granular material that long drying time.
1. Food product
2. Fish feed - fresh water and salt-water fish feed, aquarium fish feed.
3. Pet food

CDX-Series Temp-zoned Dryer

CDX series dryer is designed with flexible airflow fan and restriction-plate arrangement which enables individually controlled airflow and zone temperature. This dryer is designed for manufacturing high-quality feed. This dryer is available for a production capacity of up to 20 t/h. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Rotary valve inlet and outlet prevent drying air leak
  2. An oscillating servo motor material spreader ensures the even spreading of the material on the dryer tray
  3. Fully insulated cabinet
  4. Quick fastening inspection door, for easy repair and maintenance
  5. Independent and controllable airflow
  6. Individual and accurate temperature control in every drying zone
  7. Hygienic design with fines removal screw conveyor in every deck
  8. Perforated tray design for optimal air distribution
  9. Optional inverter controller fan speed and dryer tray rotation control for airspeed and retention time setting
  10. HMI touch panel control system
  11. Heat source: Indirect steam heat exchanger or gas burner
Temp. zone dryer CDX-1250 for fish feed production

Horizontal dryer for uniform and energy efficient drying

CD-Series Horizontal Dryer 

IDAH horizontal dryer is built with an advanced air circulation system to reduce moisture variance. Each drying zone is equipped with two recirculation fans located on the opposite sides to circulate the air through product beds. The mechanical barriers are designed to manage the airflow through each conveyor independently. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Air recirculation design reduces moisture tolerance
  2. Optimized product spreader design ensures even product bed depth across the conveyor width
  3. Hygienic design with less product built up
  4. Constructed with robustness for long term reliability
  5. Large Inspection doors for easy cleaning and maintenance
  6. Heating sources can be steam, LPG, or hot water
  7. 1-3 passes drying available
Model CDX-1040 CDX-1240CDX-1250CDX-1250HCDX-1440CDX-1640CDX-1650
Capacity1 (t/h) 3.0-5.05.0-6.08.0-10.015.0-16.06.0-8.07.0-8.010.0-12.0

Capacity2 (t/h)



1) Floating Fish Feed, die hole size Ø 3.0 mm, moisture in 24% (wb), moisture out 10% (wb)

2) Sinking Fish Feed, die hole size Ø 3.0 mm, moisture in 26% (wb), moisture out 10% (wb)

Model CD-1606H CD-2008CD-2508CD-2508HBCD-2510CD-3010HCD-3012H
Capacity1 (t/h) 1.0-1.52.0-2.52.5-3.04.0-6.03.0-4.06.0-8.08.0-10.0


1) Floating Fish Feed, die hole size Ø 4.0 mm, moisture in 24% (wb), moisture out 10% (wb)


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