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Profitable Pellet Dies - Pellet Die (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, and Biomass Industry)

IDAH introduced the German gun-drilling machine in 1989 and started to produce gun-drilled pellet die in Taiwan.

Our pellet dies are produced from high-quality rolled rings, with a precise and careful manufacturing process. The combination of the high standard material, the correct processing method, and the experienced engineering team with total discipline lead IDAH dies to yield more tonnage per hour and make the most durable and profitable dies in the world. IDAH pellet dies have earned their name by consistently being the key part in helping our clients producing high-quality pellets. We offer pellet dies for all main OEM brands of pellet mill

Features and Benefits

  1. Chromium steel rings are imported from Europe that benefits to longer life of pellet die
  2. Perfect products are made by precision machining and gun-drilling
  3. Pre-running before ex-work can shorten the installation time
  4. Optimum design can lower energy consumption and lower the production cost
  5. IDAH provides dies for all OEM brands of pellet mills with an outer diameter up to 1500 mm and hole size ranges from 0.8mm to 13mm
  6. The pellet die hole pattern can be produced based on customer specification or based on our hole pattern design.

IDAH Pellet Die Production

IDAH’s unyielding commitment to pellet dies quality aims at producing the perfect feed for our customers. Our 45-year experience has enabled us to produce high-quality pellet dies and roller shells.


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