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Efficient cooling - Counterflow Cooler (for Aqua feed, Animal Feed and Pet Food )

The counterflow cooler is used for cooling pellet and extrudate. Warm (hot) pellets get into the cooling chamber, the suction fan will transport out the air inside the chamber, and fresh ambient air will enter the chamber from the bottom, promoting pellet cooling action. When pellets are accumulated and touch the high-level limit sensor, a pneumatic discharge swivel valve will operate immediately to discharge the products. Counterflow air heat exchange ensures to achieve high cooling efficiency.

Counterflow cooler is particularly suited to pelleted products with free-flowing capabilities. Typical applications are for cooling of extruded fish feed, pet food, animal feed pellet, feed pellets, food, wood pellets, pulp pellets, etc.

Features and Benefits

  1. A rotary valve at the inlet for continuous product flow and airlock
  2. Octagonal exterior design to ensure no dead angle, lower material accumulation, and even airflow stream across the product bed depth
  3. Adjustable level sensor position to control the material discharge and cooling capacity
  4. Pneumatic operated swivel valve with three positions opening
  5. Optional with double-walled material, outside layer by paint-finish mild steel, material in contact with the material made from stainless steel
  6. Optional inside and outside made 100% SUS304 or SUS316

Model CC-02A CC-05A CC-07A CC-10A CC-15A CC-17A
Operation Capacity1 (t/h) 1-2 3-5 4-6 6-10 10-15 12-18
Operation Capacity2 (t/h)
N/A 1-2 3-4 5-6 N/A N/A


1) Floating Fish Feed, die hole size Ø 3.0 mm, cooling to ambient temperature ± 3°C  

2) Shrimp Feed, die hole size Ø 2.0 mm, cooling to ambient temperature ± 3°C  


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