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Crumbling and Cracking - Crumbler (For Shrimp Feed, Fish Feed, Animal Feed and Grains)

IDAH crumbler series is designed for high capacity and highly efficient particle reduction. Three types are available for every industry application. Every crumbler is equipped with the feeder on the top, to control the throughput of the product. The roll gap is easily adjustable to achieve the required granulation.

As crumbler: Particle reduction of finished pellets can be used for chicken feed, pig feed, fish feed, and shrimp feed

As cracker: As cracker for grain material such as corn and wheat for animal feed and preliminary cracking in the food and snack industry

CM-Series Crumbler

IDAH CM-series crumbler comes in a single layer and double layer roller design. This model has long been used in Asia for shrimp feed crumbling. The main drive using a v-belt design, with bakelite gear for crumbling roller protection. 

Features and Benefits

  1. High shaping rate, less powder
  2. Easy adjustment for roller clearance
  3. Bakelite gear will break when big material enters crumble chamber to avoid machine damages
CM-series crumbler for efficient crumbling process

CMK-series crumbler for uniform crumbling

CMX-Series Crumbler 

In CMX-series crumbler comes with a single-layer roller design. A single motor drives the belt, rotating both crumbling rolls, for energy saving and lower vibration operation. Precise roller adjustment can be executed by using a distance measuring gauge.. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Material feeding speed will be controlled by the gear feeder
  2. Adjustable feeder gap
  3. Single motor drives benefit for product long life, energy saving, and lower vibration
  4. Low temperature hardening process for robust crumbler roller

KRU-Series Crumbler

The KRU series comes with a single-layer roller design. This crumbler has solid steel crumbling rollers and an integrated supply which feeds the crumbling equally. This crumbler is designed for high-capacity use in the animal feed plant. Besides crumbling, this machine can also be used for cracking corn and grains. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Manually or electro-pneumatically operated bypass valve
  2. Manual or automatic valve
  3. Two durable 250mm crumbling rollers that have axial and radial grooves made of cast iron
  4. Transition via V belt drive
  5. Two analogue displays, sensitive up to 0.1 mm
  6. Protected against foreign materials by disk springs
KRU-series crumbler for efficient crumbling process

Model CM-640 CM-640D
Roller size (mm)
184 184
Main motor (HP) 10 2x10

Operation capacity1 (t/h)

1.0-2.0 2.5-3.5


1) Shrimp feed, 2.0 mm size, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

Model CMX-1000 CMX-1500
Roller size (mm)
250 250
Main motor (HP) 7.5-15 15-22

Operation capacity1,2 (t/h)

1.0-4.0 3.0-6.0

Operation capacity3 (t/h)

15-20 20-30


1) Shrimp feed, 2.0 mm size, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

2) Fish feed, 3.0 mm size, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

3) Animal feed, 4.0 mm size, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

Model KRU-2 KRU-3 KRU-4 KRU-5 KRU-6 KRU-7
Roller size (mm)
250 250 250 250 250 250
Main motor (KW) 2.2/3.0 2.2/4.0 4.0/7.5 4.0/11 7.5/15 7.5/18.5

Operation capacity1 (t/h)

4-7 10 13 16 20 23


1) Animal feed, 4.0 mm size, moisture<12%, oil content <6%


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