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Transport and dust separator - Cyclone Dust Collector (for food, aqua feed, and animal feed Industry)

Cyclone Collector separates the dust from exhaust air in the production process. Dust will be separated by its density. When paired with a suction fan, this device can also perform like a pneumatic conveying system.

Collect powder and pellets, generate cycloid movement to drop the material back to processing line in animal feed, pet food, aqua feed (floating and sinking) industry.

Features and Benefits

  1. Aerodynamic design, variable size available, designed for different requirements
  2. Comes with modular design for convenience of shipment, delivery, and installation
  3. Optional mild steel and stainless steel for hygienic requirement

Model PC-500 PC-720 PC-970 PC-970D1 PC-1200 PC-1350
Diameter (mm) Ø 500 Ø 720 Ø 970 Ø 970 X 2 Ø 1200 Ø 1350
Model PC-1520 PC-1600 PC-1730 PC-1800 PC-2000
Diameter (mm) Ø 1520 Ø 1600 Ø 1730 Ø 1800 Ø 2000


1) Double cyclone type.

All cyclone is available in SS41 and SUS304 material


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