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Pre-cooking machine - Differential Diameter Conditioner (For Food, Aqua Feed, and Pet Food)

IDAH pre-conditioner system is designed to incorporate heat, moisture, and time, which are the three major factors in cooking. The unique design of every pre-conditioner provides the most optimum cooking action to the material. Our advanced pre-conditioning technology pre-conditioner system consists of three major designs, differential diameter conditioner, long-term conditioner, and single shaft conditioner.

A Pre-conditioner system is applied for a wide range of feed and biofuel production. Optimized control for better retention time and mixing in animal feed, pet food, and aqua feed (floating and sinking). The main function is for cooking and hydration of the material.

In aqua feed, the “High Moisture Pelleting” method can be achieved through our advanced pre-conditioning technology to ensures sufficient cooking by carefully control the incorporation of heat, moisture and time, for the production of high-quality feeds with good water stability to the market.

In animal and poultry feed, our advanced pre-conditioning technology is not only used for altering product quality but more importantly, is used to lower bacterial contamination numbers.

In biofuel production, either from RDF or wood, pre-conditioning will help to soften the fibrous material by incorporating moisture and heat, which will help in the pelleting process.

Differential Diameter Conditioner (DDC) 

IDAH DDC pre-conditioner with two independently driven shafts offers better retention time and higher mixing intensity. The shaft rotation speed is adjustable with the addition of an inverter. Proper conditioning performed by the DDC pre-conditioner can reduce pelleting or extrusion energy consumption by hydrating and pre-cooking raw material, thus increasing production throughput. Both shafts can rotate in the same direction to empty the residual when production is complete. DDC inside surface is made of stainless steel for hygienic and longer service life purposes.

Features and Benefits

  1. Advanced design with individually direct motor-driven shafts.
  2. Reversible shaft rotation for quick material discharge
  3. Differential Diameter Conditioner is designed to provide proper steam conditioning for cooking and hydration of materials
  4. Optimized control for better retention time and mixing
  5. Hygienic design and easy cleaning to prevent microbial growth
  6. Injections ports for water, liquid, oil, and steam.
  7. The misting steam and water injectors further improve the conditioner performance by creating a homogenous mix with little to no ‘wet’ lumps.
  8. Large inspection windows for ease of maintenance and cleaning with safety switch
  9. Adjustable shaft rotation speed with an inverter to control the retention time
  10. Paddles are adjustable to ensure the best mixing conditions.
  11. Main shaft bearing housing mounted on the exterior of the mixing chamber for the sanitary requirement. Constructed of type SUS304 steel (inner surface in contact with raw materials).
  12. Standard: There are 6 water/oil inlets with ball valves assembled on the top of the conditioner and up to 12 steam inlets with ball valves assembled on the bottom.
  13. Optional: Flowmeter for steam injection rate and data record
  14. Optional: Adjustable liquid /slurry addition ports can be created to customer requirements.
Differential Diameter Conditioner for high-quality steam cooking

Model KX-3826D KX-4633D KX-5643D KX-6350D KX-6956D
Main Motor (HP) 3 5 10 15 20
Capacity1 (t/h) 1.3-1.5 3.0-4.0 4.0-5.0 6.0-8.0 10.0-11.0


1) Aquafeed, die hole size Ø 3.0 mm, moisture in <12% (wb)


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