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Low percentage liquid coating - Drum Coater (for Aqua feed, Animal Feed and Pet Food )

Coating of products with liquid material (such as oil, enzymes, vitamins, etc) is very common in feed production. The addition of these liquids needs to be done separately because some liquid may affect the forming ability, susceptible to heat-prone damage, or be high in price. When these liquids are applied at a low percentage (2-5%), a drum coater is often used. The coating process can increase the palatability and nutritional value of the product.

Spraying oil, fats, and other additives on pellet surface in animal feed, pet food, aqua feed(floating and sinking).

Features and Benefits

  1. Good for coating dry to semi-moist pellets
  2. The mist sprayer will ensure thorough distribution of the coating liquid
  3. Equipped with a liquid weighing system to ensure accurate liquid adding volume
  4. The liquid addition level ranged from 2-5% (w/w)
  5. Equipped with a bypass

Model MR-0803 MR-1004 MR-1204 MR-1504
Main Motor (HP) 2 2 2 2
Operation Capacity1 (t/h) 3 4 6 10


1) Liquid coating rate 2-5% (w/w) 


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