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Grain Expander - Expander (for soybean and other cereal products )

IDAH Dry extruder (expander), a short time process of heat and pressure created by friction between screw, material, and liner which generate shear force to the material enhancing the storage time and upgrade the quality of nutrition value and utilization.

By short time processing of heat and pressure, there is very little effect on the protein, amino acid, or vitamin content. In the meantime, destructive elements such as aflatoxin and enzymes will be inactivated. Moisture content then will be lowered to enhance the storage time and upgrade the nutrition value and utilization.

High-temperature short-time processing, reducing aflatoxin-generating mold level, and deactivate lipoxidase enzymes in soybean and other cereal products ( such as rice bran, corn, etc ). In addition, during the process, moisture of the material will be lowered, ensuring longer storage time.

Features and Benefits

  1. Stainless steel screw feeder for high sanitation requirement
  2. Adjustable feeding speed
  3. Heat is created by friction between extruding screw and liner
  4. Adjustable cutter speed with variable speed motor
  5. Increase the shelf stability of the product, preserve nutrition value


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