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Robust Extrusion Plate Dies - Plate Die (For Food, Aqua Feed, and Pet Food)

We have more than 30 years of extensive extruder manufacturing experience in the aqua feed, plant based extruder meat, and pet food industries. IDAH provides long lifetime spare parts with high capacity and profit. The combination of the high standard material, the correct processing method, and the experienced engineering team with total discipline lead IDAH dies to yield more tonnage per hour. We offer various sizes and material selections, which allow us to offer customized solutions and all brands spare parts supply.

Features and Benefits

  1. Manufactured with high-quality material, heat treated to ensure longer use life.
  2. Customizable hole profile, produced with high precision drilling and machining for different purposes of feed material.
  3. Cost-efficient design.
  4. Available for all major OEM brands of single and twin shaft extruders.


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