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Reuse of extruder start-up waste - Waste Dryer (for Aqua feed and Pet Food )

Idah has been providing a complete solution for feed and food extrusion since the 1980s. One of the important auxiliary machines in demand is this dryer for extrusion start-up waste (Model BN-50H). During extrusion feed production, a certain amount of material will be thrown away during starting-up. Rather than throwing it away, IDAH offers you a solution to recycle these materials. Our BN-50H dryer is designed to dry these wet materials. Once dried, these materials can be added at a certain amount to the formulation as recycle material.

Features and Benefits

  1. Volume 500L
  2. With two feeding doors, one exhaust pipe, and a manual slide gate
  3. Low space requirement
  4. Efficient drying for waste material
  5. Low steam consumption
  6. Drying time:2.0~2.5 hr/batch
  7. Output moisture:10~12%
  8. The knock-down platform for easy access
  9. Configuration: Pressure gauge, thermometer, steam trap, and pressure safety valve
  10. Made by SS41 mild steel material

Model BN-50H
Operation Volume (l/batch) 500

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