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Coarse and Fine Grinding - Hammer Mill and Fine Grinder (for aqua feed, pet food, and animal feed)

IDAH Hammer mill with highly grinding efficiency of various granulated or powdery products from feed, food, and oilseed industries. Based on the application, hammer mill can be divided into two:
- For coarse grinding (with screen hole bigger than 2.0 mm), then hammer mill (HMA- or XHM-series) is applied
- For fine grinding (with screen hole as small as 0.5 mm), then fine grinder (HMB-series) is applied

A complete hammer mill system consists of a screw feeder or gravity proportion feeder, hammer mill, aspiration filter, and suction fan.

Grinding and particle reduction of dry raw materials in animal feed, pet food, aqua feed, and wood pelleting industry such as wheat, corn, fishmeal, soybean.

Features and Benefits

  1. Two-way rotational direction
  2. Fast screen changing design with pneumatic cylinder
  3. Rotation speed up to 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm (60 Hz)
  4. Variable screen surface area from 0.45 to 2.20㎡ (large screen area)
  5. Double hammer pin design for quick hammer replacement
  6. Bearing and grinding chamber temperature gauge
  7. Breaking plate and counter hammer for higher grinding efficiency
  8. Bearings equipped with gradual grease applicator
  9. Anti-vibration base

XHM-Series Hammer Mill

IDAH XHM-series hammer mill is mainly used for coarse to fine grinding of various granulated or powdery products from feed, food, oilseed, and biomass industries. A large screen area and breaking plate design ensure high grinding efficiency. The robust grinding chamber and base offer heavy-duty and low vibration production. Dynamic balanced high precision rotor guarantees a long service operation. Hammermill is usually paired with a screen size bigger than 2.0 mm.

XHM-series hammer mill and XFG-series find grinder

HMA-Series Hammer Mill and HMB-Series Fine Grinder

HMB-Series Hammer Mill

IDAH HMB-series fine grinder is used for coarse to fine grinding to produce fine size powder of various materials from feed, food, and grains. A fine grinder is usually used as a post grinder. High-speed tip with crushing plates ensures high grinding efficiency and fineness. A fine grinder is usually paired with a screen as small as 0.5 mm.

Model HMB-100

XHM-800 XHM-1000 XHM-1400
Main Motor (HP) 75-100

150-215 215-330 330-470
Quantity of hammer (pcs) 72

124 152 208
Capacity1 (t/h) 4-5

7-8 8-10 10-12
Capacity2 (t/h) 6-7

12-13 15-17 18-20


1) Aquafeed, passing 1.5 mm screen, moisture content<12%, oil content<6%

2)Corn, passing 2.5 mm screen, moisture content<12%, oil content<6%


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