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High Quality Hammer Mill Spare Parts - Hammer Blade, Liner and Screen (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, Pet Food, and Biomass Industry)

IDAH offers hammer beaters to support not only the IDAH hammer mill but also other OEM brands. We also offer customizable screens and hammer blades for different brands. , With high-quality steel, ensured long lifetime and cost-efficient product Different material selection is available for every production requirement.

Hammer blade, liner, and screen those hammer mill parts used in the production of animal feed, pet food, aqua feed (floating and sinking)

Hammer Blade


Features and Benefits

  1. Tungsten carbide corner to prolong use-life of the hammer blade
  2. Accurate weight control and pre-shipment grouping results in no-fuss quick changes on customer
  3. Using high-quality forged steel material
  4. Available for other OEM brands
Hammer blade for hammer mill

Liner for HM-series hammer mill

Grinding Liner 


Features and Benefits

  1. Made from high-quality steel
  2. Designed with bolt hole for easy replacement.

Grinding Screen


Features and Benefits

  1. Different specifications are available to meet your production requirement
  2. Optimized hole pattern and open area for higher production capacity
Pre-shaped hammer mill screen for easy installation

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