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Retention time conditioning - Long term conditioner (For Food, Aqua Feed, and Pet Food)

IDAH pre-conditioner system is designed to incorporate heat, moisture, and time, which are the three major factors in cooking. The unique design of every pre-conditioner provides the most optimum cooking action to the material. Our advanced pre-conditioning technology pre-conditioner system consists of three major designs, differential diameter conditioner, long-term conditioner, and single shaft conditioner.

A Pre-conditioner system is applied for a wide range of feed and biofuel production. Optimized control for better retention time and mixing in animal feed, pet food, and aqua feed (floating and sinking). The main function is for cooking and hydration of the material.

In aqua feed, the “High Moisture Pelleting” method can be achieved through our advanced pre-conditioning technology to ensures sufficient cooking by carefully control the incorporation of heat, moisture and time, for the production of high-quality feeds with good water stability to the market.

In animal and poultry feed, our advanced pre-conditioning technology is not only used for altering product quality but more importantly, is used to lower bacterial contamination numbers.

In biofuel production, either from RDF or wood, pre-conditioning will help to soften the fibrous material by incorporating moisture and heat, which will help in the pelleting process.

Long Term Conditioner for increasing cooking time

Long Term Conditioner (LTC)

Long Term Conditioner-LTC is a large vessel designed with features of large volume, low RPM, and low product residues. LTC offers to prolong retention time for moisture and heat to be slowly absorbed and improve the cooking action of the material. Higher moisture content can be preserved in the process and pellet quality will be optimized. Higher capacity and less energy consumption of the pellet mill can be achieved. LTC is a low temperature and high moisture conditioning process. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Up to 5 minutes retention time
  2. First, in- first-out (FIFO)
  3. Main shaft bearing housing mounted on the exterior of the mixing chamber for the sanitary requirement.
  4. Large inspection door for easy maintenance and inspection with safety switch.
  5. Direct motor and reducer have driven, low RPM rotation with adjustable speed by inverter
  6. Unique paddle design ensures less product residues
  7. Optional: temperature sensor on the outlet
Model KX-8030
Main Motor (HP) 5
Capacity1 (t/h) 3-6


1) Aquafeed, die hole size Ø 3.0 mm, moisture in <12% (wb)


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