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Efficient bag sewing machine (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, and Pet Food)

Feed is mostly packed in a bag. The most efficient way to close the bag is by using a bag closing machine.

The last stage of production prior to transportation to the customer’s hand. This is where all product is accurately weighed and packed. The accuracy of weighing will help to build the trust of the customer.

Weighing and packing of powder and granule products in food, pet food, animal feed, and aqua feed industry.

High-Speed Automatic Bagging Scale


Features and Benefits

  1. The advanced weighing display is combined with an accurate load-cell type weighing system
  2. Optional belt-weighing or free-falling weighing system
  3. easy operation, faster packing speed, and higher accuracy
Weighing machine

Bag sewing machine

Bag Sewing Machine 


Features and Benefits

  1. Easy operation , low maintenance needed
  2. Wide range of capacity ranging up to 200~600 bag/hour
  3. Single or double needle head is available
  4. Optional: Crepe tape bound closing

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