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Robust Pelleting Parts - Pellet Mill Spare Parts (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, and Biomass Industry)

Our pellet mill spare parts are produced from high-quality carbon steels, with a precise and careful manufacturing process. The combination of the high standard material, the correct processing method, ensure the pellet mill parts will yield more tonnage per hour.

Roller Shell Assembly

A roller shell assembly consists of a roller shell, bearings, a roller shaft and a roller lay shaft.

Features and Benefits

  1. Made from high-quality steel material
  2. Made with high precision
  3. Surface hardened material for maximum durability and long use life
  4. Roller shell is available in the corrugated and dimpled type
  5. Available for all OEM brands
Roller shell assembly for pellet mill

Pellet die bracket

Pellet Die Bracket 

Pellet die bracket will hold the roller shell on position, equipped with roller shell position adjusting rods.


Features and Benefits

  1. Made from high-quality steel material
  2. Designed for holding and adjusting roller shell assembly position

Front and Back Scrapper


Features and Benefits

  1. Made from high-quality steel
  2. Used for directing material to pelleting zone
  3. Designed with bolt hole for easy replacement.
Front and back scrapper

Pellet die clamp



Features and Benefits

  1. Made from casted iron
  2. Made for fixing pellet die and driven wheel
  3. Designed for quick pellet die disassembly

Knife Cutter Assembly


Features and Benefits

  1. Designed with replaceable soft cutter
  2. The cutting angle can be adjusted before being welded to the cutter rod
  3. Bolted design for better cutter grip and quick replacement
Knife cutter assembly

Safety pin for safety

Safety Pin 


Features and Benefits

  1. Safety measure when pellet die rotation is disrupted
  2. Designed for cost-effective safety measures

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