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Robust biomass pellets - Pellet Mill (for Wood Pellets and Biomass)

Pelleting system for wood pellets consists of a feeder, pre-conditioners, and a pelleting machine.

IDAH pellet mills are born from years of experience and continuous improvements to ensure high production efficiency at the lowest cost. IDAH has standardized the pellet die and the roller shell for animal feed production. The compression ratio of our pellet die is specially designed to ensure compact and tough pellets with higher PDI. The roller shells are designed individually for each different hole size.

IDAH has been producing machinery for wood pellets production since 1974. As the first biofuel pellet mill supplier in Taiwan for wood and RDF-5 pellets, extensive successful projects are already built worldwide. IDAH pellet mill is well-known because we consider the design of conditioning. In biofuel production, either from RDF or wood, our advanced pre-conditioning technology helps to soften the fibrous material by incorporating moisture and heat, which will help in the pelleting process. In addition to altering the product quality, sufficient pre-conditioning also reduces wear out of the parts.

The robust design pellet mill is used for the production of a variety of pellets, includes wood, charcoal, grass meal, RDF source, etc.

Features and Benefits

  1. Homogeneous conditioning to effectively improve fiber softening, increase capacity, and lower production cost
  2. Steady feeding to ensure uniformity of material conditioning process and product quality
  3. Force-feeding to the pelleting chamber, ensure continuous pelleting action
  4. Quick-release design reduces down-time for replacing dies and rollers
  5. Two rollers with eccentric roller shaft design
  6. Robust design with integrated base
  7. Rubber base for absorbing vibration (Longevity and low maintenance cost)
  8. Rotation speed control with V-belt drive train from the motor to the driven wheel
  9. Die speed varies from 4.5 to 8.5 m/s depend on the pellet formula
  10. Sturdy cutting knife, fixed to the door, with optional fixed to machine body
  11. Shear pin design protects pellet mill from damage
  12. An Optional continuous greasing system ensures bearings running smoothly
  13. Made from high-quality steel material
  14. Computerized control with optional HMI local panel

Biomass Pellets from Organic Waste

These are the pellets from the organic waste treatment center in Taiwan. The organic material is compressed in the pellet mill to produce compact pellets. These pellets are used as fuel in the combustion of the boiler.

Biomass pellets for combustion

Model PM-42RB PM-53RB PM-635RB
Main Motor (HP)150250350
Operation Capacity1 (t/h) 0.4-0.61.3-1.51.8-2.0


1) Wood Pellets, pellet die hole size Ø 8.0 mm, moisture content < 12%, oil content <7%


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