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High Quality Pulverizing Parts - Hammer Beater, Liner and Screen (For Aqua Feed, Animal Feed, Pet Food, and Biomass Industry)

IDAH offers pulverizers spare parts to support IDAH pulverizers. With high-quality steel, ensuring a long lifetime and cost-efficient product

These pulverizer parts are used in the production of animal feed, pet food, aqua feed (floating and sinking)

Hammer Beater


Features and Benefits

  1. Tungsten carbide brazed hammer for long lifetime used and reach higher efficiency of the grinding system
  2. Accurate weight control and pre-shipment grouping results in no-fuss quick changing on customer site
  3. Forged hammer with high wear material
Hammer beater for ZP-series pulverizer

Liner for ZP-series pulverizer

Grinding Liner 


Features and Benefits

  1. Durable material for long use life
  2. Using tungsten carbide layer on the liner (for ZP-type pulverizer only)

Grinding Screen


Features and Benefits

  1. Different specifications are available to meet your production requirement
  2. Optimized hole pattern and open area for higher production capacity
Pre-shaped hammer mill screen for easy installation

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