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Robust Paddle Mixer - Single Shaft Paddle mixer (for Food, Premix, Pet Food, Aqua feed, and Animal Feed )

IDAH single shaft paddle mixer is used for dry mixing and wet mixing for granular and powder material. Paddle design ensures high mixing action with uniform and homogenous distribution of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the pellet mixture.

This mixer is used for the incorporation of different powder and granular ingredients, with or without the addition of liquid in food, premix, pet food, aqua feed, and animal feed production.

Features and Benefits

  1. Main shaft bearing housing mounted on the exterior of the mixing chamber for the sanitary requirement
  2. Pneumatic cylinder-operated bomb doors are lined with seals
  3. Pneumatic bomb door mechanism with limit switch
  4. Short mixing time with low shearing thus ensure product quality
  5. High mixing efficiency with the accuracy of C.V. ≦ 5
  6. Constructed with thick U-shaped shell (tub) and endplates
  7. Transmission by v-belt and optional direct drive with gearbox system
  8. Optional pre-assembled spray nozzles with compressed air for pipe cleaning
  9. Loading grate for other solid or semi-solid ingredients addition during mixing
  10. Optional replaceable and adjustable paddles angle
  11. Constructed with mild steel material, with optional double-walled stainless steel material for the surface in contact with the material

Model BN-200PV BN-300PV BN-400PV BN-600PV BN-800PV BN-1000P
Main Motor (HP) 20 25 30 40 50 100
Operation Volume (l/batch) 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000

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