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High Shear Mixer - Single Shaft Ribbon Mixer (for Aqua feed, Animal Feed and Pet Food )

IDAH single shaft ribbon mixer is designed for high shear mixing of various industrial applications.

The ribbon mixer moves solids in two directions and by using a rotating ribbon screw to provide the mixing action. The inner ribbon mixer moves the solids toward the ends of the trough and the outer ribbons move solids toward the middle of the trough. When discharging the solids, the ribbons move the solids toward the discharge holes.

This ribbon mixer is used for the incorporation of different powder and granular ingredients with dense, viscous, and insensitive to shear force such as fish soluble and lecithin in aqua feed and animal feed production.

Features and Benefits

  1. Main shaft bearing housing mounted on the exterior of the mixing chamber for the sanitary requirement
  2. Standard center-pneumatic slide gate and optional end slide gate discharge
  3. Pneumatic slide gate or bomb door are lined with seal
  4. Suitable for mixing viscous material which requires a higher degree of shear
  5. High mixing efficiency with an accuracy of C.V. ≦ 6 (dry mixing)
  6. Constructed with a U-shaped plate and two support plates
  7. Constructed with mild steel material, with optional double-walled stainless steel material for the surface in contact with the material
  8. Optional load cell weighing, discharge conveyor to increase quality and productivity
  9. Optional pre-assembled spray nozzles with compressed air for pipe cleaning
  10. Loading grate for other solid or semi-solid ingredients addition during mixing
  11. Access door for inspection and maintenance for good sanitation and easy cleaning

Model BN-200F BN-200FH BN-300F BN-300FH BN-400A BN-600A BN-800A
Main Motor (HP) 15 10 20 15 25 40 60
Operation Volume (l/batch) 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 6000 8000

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