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Post-cooking machine - Conditioning Cooker (For Aqua Feed)

IDAH Post-conditioner was proposed and invented by IDAH in the 1970s and has since become a standard in pellet mill systems in Asia. Post-conditioning is the most effective and economic method to achieve high-quality pellets. The quality of the pellets is determined by how well the water stability and the nutrient retention when pellets are fed to the water.

The latest design of the post-conditioner system is composed of a KB-series conditioning cooker and a T-series dryer. In the post-conditioning system, the hot pellets enter the steam- or electrical-heated retention chamber to keep material in a high-temperature environment and prevent condensation inside the post-conditioner. This step ensures optimum starch cooking on a considerable proportion of starch contained in the shrimp feed for improving pellet quality (hardness and durability) and water stability. The next step is the drying process where products tumble through multiple decks at thin bed depth. Air circulation and rotating screens inside the T-series dryer are exclusively designed based on shrimp feed properties which ensure pellets are made without cracks, with fewer fines, high water stability, and smoother surface.

The post-conditioning system is specially used for pelleted aqua feed. This system is essential for the production of shrimp feed and pelleted fish feed. This machine is used to prolong the cooking while avoiding condensation inside the post-conditioner. Sufficient post-conditioning will help aqua feed possess better water stability, digestibility, and higher PDI.

KB-Series Conditioning Cooker

Post conditioner for shrimp feed was proposed and invented by IDAH. The latest design is a system composed of a KB conditioning cooker and Carousel T post conditioner. KB conditioning cooker holds the pellets for a longer retention time at high temperatures. This step ensures optimum starch cooking, pellet quality (hardness and durability), and water stability can be improved.        

Features and Benefits

  1. Special design for aquafeed and high-quality feed conditioning
  2. Available in single and double decks with a hydraulic discharge gate for gradual material discharged from the retention tank
  3. Inspection doors for easy repair and maintenance
  4. Careful and uniform treatment
  5. Stainless steel material for areas in contact with the product
  6. Steam jacketed, insulated, and the stainless double wall keeps product temperature well above 95℃ and free from condensation
  7. The special design of hydraulic discharging gate and rounded bin the wall gives low product residues.
KB-Series post conditioner in customer site

Model KB-05 KB-06 KB-05-2 KB-06-2
Capacity1 (t/h) 2.0-3-54.0-5.53.0-4.55.0-6.5


1) Shrimp feed, die hole size Ø 2.0 mm


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