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Ultra-fine Grinding - Vertical Pulverizer (For Shrimp Feed, Fish Feed, and Pet Food)

IDAH has two ways to control fineness in pulverizer, with or without the screen. The vertical pulverizer is designed without screens. A pulverizer is designed for producing ultrafine powder by utilizing a high-speed rotating hammer and stationery liner to generate breaking force during contact.

A complete pulverizer system consists of a screw feeder, pulverizer, cyclone, aspiration filter, and suction fan.

A pulverizer is used when ultra-fine powder is needed. The raw material gradually enters into milling room by the screw feeder. The centrifugal force of the rotating hammer will initiate material size reduction. Rotating air separators classify material based on material weight and size; heavier material will be returned to the grinding section.

Pulverizer can be applied to produce ultra-fine powder, used for the production of shrimp feed, fish feed, and pet food.

Features and Benefits

  1. Fineness up to 100 mesh
  2. No screen design (no screen cost and screen hole blocking problem)
  3. Low-temperature grinding
  4. Individually replaceable tooth liners replaceable
  5. Gravity separator in the inlet to remove the impurities
  6. Hydraulic top cover opening system for easy maintenance.

Model ZP-125 ZP-150 ZP-170
Motor (HP)
200 250 300
Number of Hammer (pcs) 16 24 30

Capacity1 (t/h)

4-5 5-6 6-8
Capacity2 (t/h) 3-4 4-5 5-6
Capacity3 (t/h) 3-4 4-5 5-6


1) Shrimp feed, 60 mesh, 90% pass, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

2) Fish feed, 60 mesh, 90% pass, moisture<12%, oil content <6%

3) Pet food, 60 mesh, 90% pass, moisture<12%, oil content <6%


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