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Dust Separator - Vibration Screen (for food, aqua feed, and animal feed Industry)

IDAH ES-series Vibrating Screen has wide application in the screening and classification of powdery or pellet feed. It shakes off the dust attached to the material due to static electricity.

The vibrating screen is widely used in product screening and grading in food, feed, and grain raw materials.

Features and Benefits

  1. Designed with the main shaft which connects with 2 eccentric blocks at two ends.
  2. The main case has equipped with 4 springs on the stand to help the sieve vibrate more efficiently.
  3. Vibrating Screen continuously sieves the material in high capacity and with screen up to 40 meshes.
  4. A selection of 1 to 4 layers of grading screen can simultaneously carry out 2 to 5 grades of sorting or filtering.

ES-Series Vibrating Screen Working Method

The motor and the main shaft are connected with the v-belt. The main shaft connects with 2 eccentric blocks and generates vibration during main shaft rotation. Equipped with 4 springs to vibrate. With screen up to 40 mesh and a selection of 1 to 4 layers

ES-series vibrating sieve working method

Model ES-128ES-228ES-328ES-428ES-138ES-238ES-338ES-438
Number of screens 12341234
Capacity1 (t/h) ≦6 ≦6 ≦6 ≦6 ≦9≦9≦9≦9


1) Aquafeed, pelleted feed


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