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Precise weighing and dosing - Weighing Scale (for Food, Aqua feed, Animal Feed and Pet Food )

IDAH weighing and dosing systems are for precise weighing of bulk solids and monitor incoming raw ingredients, ensuring precise recipe formulation with bulk materials.

Accurate and reliable system for handling powder and granular material to allow precise weighing. Can be used for material dosing of materials from bins. Controlled with auto batching software.

This weighing scale is designed for a wide variety of applications in weighing bulk solids, powdered, and granule materials. This weighing scale can be connected to the material batching system and automatically operated based on the formula in food, pet food, aqua feed, and animal feed industry.

Features and Benefits

  1. High-end load cell reduces maintenance cost
  2. Gravimetric batch dosing system to fit different processing requirements
  3. Round shape hopper design for ranging 100~500 kg
  4. Square shape hopper design for handling over 500 kg
  5. Closed design hopper for low-dust operation
  6. Air knocker for residue-free weighing hopper
  7. Weight-related data is recorded for the production history trace-back.
  8. Main case and hopper made by steel plate and steel frames for reliable and constant operation
  9. Discharge door equipped with slide gate, with optional butterfly valve

Model SHA-100 SHA-200 SHA-300 SHA-500 SHA-1000 SHA-1500
Volume (liter) 200 400 600 1000 2000 3000
Model SHA-2000 SHA-2500 SHA-3000 SHA-3500 SHA-4000 SHA-5000
Volume (liter) 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 10000

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