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Dryer and Cooler Combination - Carousel Dryer and Cooler (for Food. Chemical, Aqua feed, Animal Feed, and Plastic Industry )

IDAH TK-series is a combination of the dryer and cooler system in one machine. One main shaft rotates the multiple perforated decks. Material from the drying zone will be directly conveyed to the cooling zone. The incorporation of the two machines gives natural space-saving superiority and fewer control points compared to other separate designs, also the Dryer-cooler combination utilized an excellent air system for efficient drying and cooling.

Carousel dryer and cooler technology are suitable for drying and cooling of any granular that requires the highest standards of sanitation:
1. Food product: Bakery grist
2. Chemical industry: Pelletized wheatmeal with rat poison additive
3. Aqua and Animal feed industry: High-moisture shrimp feed pelleting.
4. Plastic industry

Features and Benefits

  1. Material rotated on multiple decks, exposed to a fixed drying air stream
  2. Quick product changeover only by emptying one subjacent deck
  3. Tilting drying tray, induce product reposition and mixing for uniform drying
  4. One main shaft with controllable speed using inverter
  5. Inlet, middle, and outlet rotary valve for continuous and controlled feeding, also act as an airlock
  6. Inspection windows and maintenance holes on every deck
  7. Easy Moisture Control through HMI touch panel which includes air volume and temperature control, water evaporation calculator, and energy efficiency indication
  8. Optional drying air and cooling air recirculation for energy-saving and less odor control issue

Go Round for Gentle and Uniform Drying

Each pellet is carefully treated


  1. Round-shaped carousel dryer consists of several slowly rotating circular decks. The product to be dried is fed from the top tray
  2. After nearly one revolution, the product is discharged onto the next subjacent deck. During discharge, the process product is mixed, leveled again
  3. This process is repeated until the product is discharged from the last tray into the outlet
  4. Change of product without downtime, just allow one deck to be fully emptied
  5. The airflow is vertical and going through the perforated circular trays
  6. Product is moving in circles in a fixed counter-flow airflow
  7. The product flow is first-in, first-out(FIFO). Every pellet is getting the same treatment while passing different air volumes and temperatures
  8. Result is optimum drying uniformity
Go round for gentle and uniform drying

Go round for gentle and uniform drying

Detailed Design of Carousel Dryer

Designed for the production of high-quality feed

  1. Adjustable retention time
    Control of product layers
  2. Product inlet rotary valve
    No product damaging even with 100% filling
  3. Round shape
    -No dead spots
    -Improve air distribution
    -Better hygiene
  4. Product spreader
    Spreading product and break up clumps
  5. Short drop distance
    Gentle product discharge and mixing for uniform drying
  6. Lower layer 50-200mm
    -Low compressive load of product
    -Improve moisture uniformity
  7. Mechanical tilting cam device
    Mix product with multiple tumbling
Model TK-225-3-3
Capacity1 (t/h)3.5-4.0


1) Shrimp Feed, die hole size Ø 2.0 mm, moisture in 16% (wb), moisture out 10% (wb)


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