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Screw Conveying - Screw Conveyor and Feeder (for Food, Aqua feed, Animal Feed and Pet Food )

The screw conveyor is the key device for precisely feeding material to the dosing system.

The screw conveyor design ensures self-cleaning, less maintenance, eminent productivity, and comes in modular design.
For material transport in raw material and end-product of food, pet food, animal feed, aqua feed (floating and sinking), and other powder or granule form materials.

Features and Benefits

  1. Two types of screw conveyors to fit different process needs: trough (U shape) screw conveyor and tubular screw conveyor
  2. End bearing assembly with shaft seal for material and bearing partition
  3. Sturdy material for long use life and low maintenance
  4. Removable cover and inspection window for ease of cleaning
  5. Equipped with a zero-motion sensor, and an anti-block sensor for safe operation
  6. Sanitary design with enclosed housing to ensure a clean working environment
  7. The middle bearing will hold the main shaft on-position
  8. Customizable polygonal or cylindrical inlet and outlet
  9. The customized pitch of the screw flight design
  10. Optional inverter to control speed for energy cost saving

IDAH SC-Series Screw

There are 4 series of screw conveyors available in IDAH:

  • FSC- and SC-series are the basic trough (U-shape) screw conveyors. FSC is used for feeding purposes, while SC is used for material transportation purposes.
  • HSC-series is also a trough (U-shape) screw conveyor, but it has a defined inlet hole, which is pre-shaped for specific inlet hole sizes.
  • PSC-series is a cylinder shape screw conveyor. The main usage of this screw conveyor is for precise feeding. 
  • FSM-series is a cylinder shape screw conveyor. The inlet is equipped with a stirring (batting) bar to help loosen the powdery material. This FSM series is also mainly used as a feeder.
Types of screw conveyor

Model SC-16 SC-20 SC-25 SC-30
Main Motor (HP) 1335
Operation Capacity1 (t/h)


1) Raw material, density 0.5 kg/m3     


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